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RCTC Tracksmith Women's Boathouse Jacket

Image of RCTC Tracksmith Women's Boathouse Jacket
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Once a team staple, the Boathouse Jacket has long been a statement of belonging. We kept all the functional essentials – orbital shoulder gussets, open cape, zippered welt-pockets – and dialed up the Tracksmith aesthetics. Opt for an un-embellished version or from one of three team-inspired designs on the front and back of the jacket.

There are a few pieces of apparel that we acquire over the course of our running careers that we’d never part with–our first racing singlet, a well-loved sweatshirt and our team jacket. These jackets, given to eager freshmen at the beginning of the season, had a specific aesthetic comprised of team colors and logos. Our favorites were made by Boathouse in Philadelphia, so we collaborated with them to craft Tracksmith versions of their classic team jacket.